IT Security

A 20-year career of Security and Intelligence roles with the Canadian Armed Forces culminated with strategist and management roles within the DND Computer Incident Response Team. In civilian life, Peter was a Senior IT Security Consultant with CGI's Information Systems and Management Consultants, responsible for the strategic directions of CGI's Security service, Business Development, and partner relations.

Articles by this writer

January 2021  |  Magazine

Confronting the numerous risks and complexities that emerge when attempting to secure Supply Chains is a more daunting task when mandatory standards have not been established. Enough information exists to build a regulatory framework for Canada; what we need is a commitment to do something about it.

September 2006  |  Magazine

Outsourcers have a responsibility to protect client data regardless of where it flows or is stored – as is certainly highlighted by a barrage of client data security breaches of late.

July 2006  |  Magazine

While respondents of the survey all noted in favour of security awareness, the material did not gauge exactly how many were actually conducting an awareness program.